Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Even the longest journey starts with a small step

Living in Japan for more than a year, I am enjoying the richness of the Japanese and Asian cuisine. This encounter is expanding my horizonts, showing me a completely different philosophy of the food preparation and consuming. Yet, being in a position to receive so much from this beautiful country, I feel obliged to give something back.

And that's why I start this blog: to reveal a bit of cooking tradition of my home country. Croatia is a small country in South Eastern Europe, famous by its beautiful sea, old cities and untouched nature. In the same time, Croatia is on the crossroads of different cuisines: Italian on the southern part, Hungarian and Austrian in the northern part and a bit of oriental influence in the central part. All these influences are combined in a typical Croatian cuisine and I would like to share with you the excitement of this long tradition.

There is an old saying in my homeland that love can come through the stomach. I would be more that happy to reach your hearts through these recipes. I would also like to send them as the best ambassadors of my homeland, as a gift for all the open hearts I encounter here in Japan.

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